After School Club

Our charitable objectives are to provide the necessary facilities for daily care, recreational facilities and education of children and young people during out of school hours and holidays.
Trefonnen After School Club’s mission is to provide child care that meets the needs of each child and family in a safe, educational environment. We pride our focus on the individual needs of each child, while providing quality, reliable, safe and affordable child care.

Remember that After School Club also take payment by Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are an employee benefit for all eligible working parents

They’re a Government-approved, tax-efficient way of paying for childcare. If you join the scheme, you can exchange up to £243 a month of your gross salary for childcare vouchers.

The part of your gross salary you exchange for childcare vouchers is tax-free and exempt from National Insurance contributions (NI). Because of this, you can make savings of up to £933 a parent, a year.

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