Spring Term 2016

This is our topic web for Spring 2016.

Dyma ein cynllun ar gyfer Y Gwanwyn 2016.

Topic overview-Spring 2016 with welsh

Javine had her hair cut to raise money for the Intensive Care Unit of Newcross Hospital ,Wolverhampton. She donated her hair to the Princess Trust to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

Roedd Javine wedi torri ei gwallt i godi arian i’r Uned Gofal Dwyn Ysbyty Newcross, Wolverhampton. Roedd hi wedi rhoi ei gwallt i’r ‘Princess Trust’ i wneud wig i blant sydd wedi colli eu gwallt oherwydd salwch.


We have been designing our own bags after evaluating the good features of our own school bags. We have made patterns and a prototype before cutting out and making a finished product. Here are some of our designs.

Rydyn ni wedi bod yn dylunio ein bagiau ein hunain ar ôl gwerthuso ein bagiau ysgol. Rydyn ni wedi gwneud patrymau a fersiwn papur cyn torri allan a gwneud bag. Dyma rhai o’n dyluniau.


We are now going to tie and dye our fabric ready to sew our own bags.

Nawr rydyn ni am liwio’r ffabrig yn barod i wnïo ein bagiau.