Autumn Term 2015

Our theme for this half term is ‘Once upon a time’. For more information please look at our topic web below.

Topic Web Once Upon a Time


Yr Hydref / Autumn

Here is a list of some useful vocabulary.

Autumn Hydref
leaf deilen
leaves dail
tree coeden
conker concyr
cone côn
leaves falling dail yn disgyn
hibernate gaeafgysgu
hedgehog draenog
squirrel gwiwer
cold oer
windy gwyntog
raining bwrw glaw

We have been learning a new song about Autumn. Please ask your child to sing it for you at home. 

“Dail yr Hydref sydd yn disgyn,

Dail yr Hydref sydd yn disgyn,

Dail yr Hydref sydd yn disgyn,

Lliwiau pert o’m cwmpas.

Coch, brown, oren, melyn,

Coch, brown, oren, melyn,

Coch, brown, oren, melyn,

Lliwiau pert o’m cwmpas.”

During our Nature Detective sessions we have been looking at the changes of Autumn. We noticed that the leaves were falling and changing colour. We also found some conkers and some pine cones. 


We baked hedgehog bread. They were very tasty!



Pori Drwy Stori Rhyme Challenge


This half term we will be learning rhymes in class for the ‘Pori Drwy Stori Rhyme Challenge’. Pori Drwy Stori is an exciting programme based on books, stories and rhymes. Pori Drwy Stori can help your child gain confidence with words in a fun way and engage parents to enjoy books stories and rhymes together. We ask that you help your child to learn, say or sing their rhymes together at home. There will be a brief ‘Rhyme Challenge Performance‘ in the Multi-Purpose room at Ysgol Trefonnen on Friday 4th December at 2.45 p.m. During this session we would like to invite parents and carers into school to hear the children reciting the rhymes.  The children who have completed the challenge of learning and performing the rhymes will receive a certificate. Here is the link of the Welsh rhymes we have been learning in class for you to enjoy learning at home too;

Diolch yn fawr.


Elen Benfelen a’r Tri Arth / Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have been learning and acting the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in class. Here are some pictures of the story maps we created to help us to recite the story. Please ask your child to recite and act the story out for you at home. There is a list of some vocabulary to help you below. 


Once upon a time Un tro
three bears tri arth
Goldilocks Elen Benfelen
Daddy Bear Dadi Arth
Mummy Bear Mami Arth
Baby Bear Babi Arth
porridge uwd
too hot rhy boeth
too cold rhy oer
chair cadair
bed gwely
bowl powlen
big mawr
middle canolig
small bach
eating bwyta
spoon llwy
sitting eistedd
sleeping cysgu

We changed the characters in the story to create our own stories. Please read our new stories below.

Sali Mali a’r tri cranc

Nemo a’r tri siarc


Llyfrgell Llandrindod / Llandrindod Library

On Friday 18th September we visited Llandrindod Library. We had an opportunity to look at all the different books in the library and chose some to look and read. The librarian also read us a story at the end of the session. Here we are enjoying in the library……..



 Tan Gwyllt / Fireworks

During our Nature Detective sessions we have been busy making a Guy Fawkes to put on top of the bonfire. We also built a bonfire to put Guy Fawkes on top. We then counted down from 10-0 and pretended to launch into the sly like rockets. 

Please click the link below to have a look at the Firework Poem we wrote in class.

Cerdd Tan Gwyllt / Firework Poem

fireworks tan gwyllt
rocket roced
bonfire coelcerth
Guy Fawkes Guto Ffowc
Catherine Wheel Olwyn Catrin
burn llosgi
hot dog ci poeth
safe diogel


Deunyddiau / Materials

We have been looking at different materials in class. We sorted different objects into categories – those that can change shape and those that can’t change shape. 

We made jelly in class to see what would happen to the jelly when we heated and cooled the jelly. We noticed that the jelly melted when we heated the jelly and set when we cooled the jelly. 

We predicted what would happen to the ice after putting it in the freezer. We noticed that the water turned into ice after leaving it in the freezer and then melted again after we took it out of the freezer. 

Here is a list of some useful vocabulary.

melt toddi
freeze rhewi
liquid hylif
change shape newid siap
hard caled
soft meddal


Cynllun Gwên / Designed to SmileIMG_1710 

The Designed to Smile team came to talk to us about the importance of brushing our teeth. 


Nadolig / Christmas

Look at our beautiful art work. 


Here is a lost of vocabulary relating to Christmas.

christmas nadolig
Santa Clause Sion Corn
Rudolph Rwdolff
reindeer carw
sleigh sled
Mary Mair
Joseph Joseff
Baby Jesus Baban Iesu
donkey asyn
shepherds bugeiliaid
three wise men tri gwr doeth
camel camel
sheep dafad
cow buwch
star seren
angel angel