Earrings and Jewellery

We have been asked to make clear the School Policy on earrings and jewellery to all parents, carers and others. The official school policy states:

“No jewellery should be worn on the grounds of safety, to protect the child, the other children and the teacher from personal injury. If the activity is a non-contact, relatively safe sport, children who have ‘newly-pierced’ ears may be allowed to wear earrings if they are covered with a sticking plaster. The onus is on the parent(s)/guardians and the child to provide and implement this.”

So, to be clear, children who wear earrings,, watches or so on should be able to remove them before they take part in PE, swimming or any other sporting activity. If the child is unable to take the earrings out themselves, parents should remove them before school on the day when the child has PE or swimming etc. In exceptional circumstances, children with newly pierced ears MAY be allowed to participate in PE etc if it is thought to be acceptable by the school and if the earrings are covered with plaster by the parents.

If you do decide to have your child’s ears pierced, the school recommends the summer holidays as the ideal time for this, as it allows time for hole to become established and the child to learn how to put them in and out themselves. The school would advise against wearing any expensive jewellery to school.

This policy is in line with the Local Authority guidance and the Safe Practice in Physical Education 2000 Edition (BAALPE).