Reading Challenge

Children who read regularly at home from an early age have a greater chance of success at school. We are holding an exciting ‘Trefonnen Reading Challenge’ to promote the benefits and enjoyment of reading. We are inviting all Foundation Phase parents into school to read with their own child on our ‘Family Friday’s’ at 3pm, starting on 10.6.16 and running for five weeks. This is a great opportunity for you to come into school and to spend some enjoyable reading time with your child. You are welcome to bring a cushion, rug and your favourite books to share with your child. We will also provide lots of new books for you to read with your child. If you cannot make it into school every week, please don’t worry your child will be matched with an older reading buddy or adult.

For children to make progress with reading skills at school they need to be in the habit of reading their school reading book with an adult at least three times a week a home. Class Teachers will award your child with a sticker in their reading record book when you have done this. When you have collected five special stickers your child will be invited to a special event at school; to be announced.

Let’s get reading!

Thank you for your support.
The Foundation Phase Team

Organisation for Family Fridays:

Gates by the main school hall will be opened at 2.55 p.m. The gate will be manned and remain open for only 5 minutes. Then they will be locked and parents arriving after this time will not be admitted.

Please wait by the class door of your youngest child.

Each teacher will pair you with your child.

Then find a place in our outdoor learning area to sit with your child (if raining reading will take place in our classrooms and school hall).

Finally, enjoy sharing books with your child and listening to them read!

When you hear the tambourines approx. 3.20 return your child to their classroom door.

Wait by the classroom door for the end of school at 3.30.

Please be aware that you are only allowed to read with your own child and you must ensure that your child remains in your care during the reading session. You must not leave the site with your child during this session.