Sioe Fflic a FFlac

Children in the Foundation Phase had some very important visitors in school today – all the way from television land – to do a show in our hall.

Flic a Flac went on a visit to ‘the park’. They played on the swings, the roundabout and the see saw. They had great fun on the slide too! They wanted to have a picnic but it rained! They put on rain coats and put up their umbrellas. Then the sun came out and they put on sun glasses and sun cream! Then they ate their picnic.

After Flic a Flac had done their show, their ‘special friends’ showed us how to make a puppet out of a paper plate and tissue paper. Maybe some of our children might be making paper plate puppets later this week…!

Flic a Flac did their show entirely in Welsh with some great songs and lots of interaction with the children. The children often watch Flic a Flac during their Amser Aur/Golden Time. Flic a Flac can be found on BBC iPlayer and are well worth watching!