Dear Parents/carers.
Weather permitting we will be holding our annual Sports Day on June 21st 2016. In case of bad weather we have reserved June 28th as a back-up day. As usual, the children will compete for the house trophy by taking part in a number of activities, both sporting and skills based. Key Stage 2 will be in the morning, starting at 9.30am, with foundation phase in the afternoon starting at 2.00pm.
The children really enjoy this day, and I am sure you as parents and carers do too. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support, encouraging the children to do their best, but we would like to ask for your co-operation in making sure all children are happy and safe in our care. We ask that all parents stay behind the tape alongside the path. In this way all parents have a chance to see their child compete. Some younger children get upset at seeing other parents coming across to their child, but their parents are unable to attend. By staying on the path it is fair to all children. This also makes it easier for staff to ensure all children are where they should be, ready for their event.
This year the Sports ambassadors and the Year 6 children will be helping with the Foundation Phase Sports giving out the stickers and Place Cards as one of their last tasks as members of our school.
At the end of the Foundation Phase sports, we would also like to ask parents/carers to leave by the lower gate and make their way around to their child’s class as is normal routine at the end of the day. School staff will get the children back to the classroom to be collected as usual. This ensures staff know where the children are, and that no child leaves without their parent/carer.
If you need to use a toilet during the sports, the toilets inside the reception are available. The toilets in the school are for pupils only.
We thank you for your co-operation in helping us make this day as enjoyable as possible for everyone.
The Well Being Team.